Sabotage that Wall

Sabotage that Wall
The projet:
STW is the project that it’s launched by  (World Information Communications Alliance)
The organization aims at spreading widely “VPN on the Internet” in mainland China as soon as possible,
in order to help Chinese netuser to break through the limited network of “The Great Fire Wall of China(GFW)”
Sabotage that Wall
The Publicity words:

Nowadays,there is a closed society in mainland China.
our Internet has become increasingly closed along with public opinion monitoring the of the CPC and the Chinese government.
They’re crazily hitting VPN and VPN.client,
most netusers in mainland China are not able to go through freely GFW.
Internet freedom is what every citizen should have the right.
Internet freedom and communication flow is the premise that Chinese public are able to get real and reliable information without obscurantism.

with the usage of VPN harder and harder,
with the free VPN less and less,
Chinese netusers is going to lose free Internet and free confidence!

so we’ve gotta struggle for the free Internet in mainland China !